Monday, January 8, 2007

Electroblogster at Your Service

Hello! Nee How Ma! Irashymassay!

Now they did it! They invited me. I guess that's OK. I like words. And (looking at our motto up there at the top of the page) I can sure be not-so-riveting. I can ruminate. But to be called loquacious - well - hmmm. I can spend long, long stretches saying nothing. Vocabulary is a must. A wide vocabulary is a delight. I will probably enjoy reading postings on here from others in this group more often than posting myself. Yet I was invited :)

A few words that stick with me are the ones I have heard from people who seem to have spent a lot of effort pronouncing them - sometimes the most simple words too. I like the way Alan Rickman (Col. Brandon) says "In the best sense" in Sense and Sensibility. I like the way Kathryn Hepburn says "Hello you" in Philadelphia Story. And sometimes the more exotic words too like the way the word lugubrious is said in Brideshead Revisited by Nikolas Grace (Anthony Blanche).

Sometimes it's just the way a person with a repertoire can extract from his lexicon the exact words that are needed. Cf. the exceedingly precise St. Thomas Aquinas. And the wit of Oscar Wilde. And P.G. Wodehouse who drops words like the seeds of flowers that pop out later in the story in a blossom of laughter. Of the master of masters Mr. Shakespeare himself - a man so comfortable with words that he coined them, redefined them, stretched them and sent our thoughts out of this lowly orb to conceptions celestial on a simple turn of phrase.

Yah. I think I am going to like this!

BTW. Love2Learn mom has put a link over there in the sidebar to my favorite word nerd show - "A Way with Words" on NPR. Listen some time. They have fun on that show.


Margaret said...

How about Col. Brandon saying, "No doubt... No Doubt..." - a favorite quote at our house!

Love2Learn Mom said...

Yes, that's perfect, Margaret. By the way, I'm glad to see that you've officially joined us!